Social Media Optimization (SMO)

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Using social media for business can build brand awareness and foster customer engagement and loyalty. In fact, 65% of social media users say that they use social media to discover new products, read other people’s experiences with a brand, and compliment brands. In addition, three out of four people use social media to find a business, so this growth trend is likely to continue. Among the most common social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are the most popular for customer acquisition.

The purpose of SMO is to increase brand awareness and build reputation by driving online traffic to a website. Achieving this goal requires a strategy that emphasizes appropriate engagement in a digital environment. While there are no strict rules regarding what constitutes an appropriate response, the focus is on listening to customers. For newly-founded companies, quality content and the flow of content through social media outlets are key to growing a brand’s reputation and brand equity.

Social media optimization has two distinct components: original and curated content. Original content is created by an organization or a person, and may be in the form of texts, pictures, and infographics. An example of this is Pandora, which created original content for its Valentine’s Day campaign. Curated content is derived from other sources, such as blogs or news articles, but should be relevant to the audience. Although quantity is important, quality is king.